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BioScience Web Site's mission is to organize the world's biological science information and make it universally accessible and useful by utilizing the skyrocketing success of the World Wide Web.

The objective of this site is to promote biological knowledge in everyday life to serve science and society. The site aims to be a one stop location for everyone: the concerned public, educators, students, and biological science professionals. We intend to educate, facilitate, inform, and direct attention to as many sources of biology-related information as possible.

BioScience Web Site offers specialized search engines, a comprehensive encyclopedia, a dictionary with thousands of terms, an events scheduler, a job board application, method and protocol articles, free blog and web hosting services, interactive location maps, links to external resources, tools and tutorials, and many other biology-related products.

As members of the bioscience community, we hope you will help us to verify the information presented on the site for accuracy and integrity. Please report us, if you do notice any incorrect information or mistakes.

Please help us grow our content! Let us know about anything that we may have missed to list here. We welcome any comments and suggestions for improvement of the site.