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1. Alfisols
Soils having significantly more clay in the b-horizon than in the A-horizon and high base status.

2. Aqualfs
Soils with an aquic or peraquic moisture regime and having clay accumulating in the b-horizon ; wet alfisol s.

3. Aquepts
Soils with an aquic moisture regime and showing some soil development in the b-horizon ; wet inceptisol s.

4. Aquods (wet spodsols)
Soils having an accumulation of iron, aluminum and organic matter in the b-horizon in addition to having an aquic moisture regime.

5. Podzolization
The process by which sesquioxides (aluminum and iron) are leached from the A-horizon and precipitated in the b-horizon, often resulting in a leached layer, the E-horizon (see horizon .

6. Soil horizon (A horizon, B horizon, C horizon)
A distinct layer of soil, more or less parallel with the soil surface, having similar properties such as color, texture and permeability; the soil profile is subdivided into the following major horizons: * A-horizon, characterized by an accumulation of organic material; * b-horizon, characterized by relative accumulation of clay iron, organic matter or aluminum; * C-horizon, the undisturbed and unaltered parent material. (Some soils have an E-horizon, characterized by leaching of organic and other material.)

7. Ultisols
Highly weathered soils having significantly more clay in the b-horizon than in the A-horizon and having low base status; acidic soils common in the Southwest.

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