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1. A-
A prefix that means "without."

2. A-factor
A protein which is found in the bacterial genus Streptomyces that helps start the production of streptomycin and the process of morphological differentiation. It is used in biotechnology to induce these functions in mutant strains of Streptomyces that can't produce it themselves.

3. A-form DNA (A-DNA)
One of several forms that can be assumed by a double helix. A-DNA is stable in dehydrated conditions. This form is less common than the dominant form found under physiological conditions -- szlig-DNA. This form is also assumed by DNA-RNA hybrid helices and by regions of double-stranded RNA . It is a right-handed helix and is a more compact form than szlig-DNA.

4. A-protein (A proteins)
A protein found in the cell wall of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus which binds to the Fc section of immunoglobulin s and is therefore used to collect antigen - antibody complexes.

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