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1. Ana (aa.)
This Latin term, which is frequently used in medicine, means "of each".

2. Anabolic pathway
A reaction or series of reactions in a metabolic pathway that synthesize complex molecules from simpler ones, usually requiring the input of energy.This is the opposite of a catabolic pathway.

3. Anabolic reactions
Reactions in cells in which new chemical bonds are formed and new molecules are made; generally require energy, involve reduction , and lead to an increase in atomic order.

4. Anabolism
A stage of intermediary metabolism in which cell components are synthesized from smaller precursor molecules; anabolism is a process that requires energy.

5. Anabranch
A diverging branch of a river which re-enters the main stream.

6. Anadromous
Moving from the sea to fresh water for reproduction.

7. Anadromous fish
Anadromous fish means fish which spawn in fresh water and spend a portion of their lives in the ocean.

8. Anaerobe
A microorganism that either does not require oxygen or actually cannot live in the presence of oxygen.

9. Anaerobic
Relating to a process that occurs with little or no oxygen present.

10. Anaerobic digester (anaerobic bioreactor)
This is a bioreactor for anaerobically digesting sewage-laced wastewater. In it, anaerobic bacteria produce a mix of methane and carbon dioxide; as much as 90% of the chemical energy in the wastewater can be converted to methane, which is typically exhausted continuously and collected for use as a fuel or for a reagent for other industrial chemical reactions.

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