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1. Cell
The smallest membrane-bound biological unit capable of replication. Cells can function cooperatively as a part of a tissue or organ or can function independently as free-living microorganisms.

2. Cell biology
The study of the cell and its components ( organelle s and other structures) and processes (growth, functions, behaviors, reproduction, etc).

3. Cell body
In nerve cells, this is the central portion containing the cell nucleus , from which axon s and dendrite s sprout. The cell body is primarily concerned with carrying out the life-sustaining functions of a cell.

4. Cell body
In a neuron , the part that contains the nucleus and most of the cytoplasm and the organelles .

5. Cell culture
A population of cells grown on a medium such as agar for research purposes.

6. Cell cycle
The normal sequence of development and division in the cell . It can be divided into two general phases, mitosis (when the cell's nucleus divides as a part of its reproduction) and interphase (the rest of the time, when the cell does everything else besides mitosis).

7. Cell cycle
The sequence of events from one division of a cell to the next; consists of mitosis (or division) and interphase .

8. Cell fractionation
A lab technique which uses a centrifuge to separate the contents of a cell into fractions, after the cell has been turned into a cell-free extract (the contents of the cell after the cell wall and/or outer cell membrane s have been removed).

9. Cell fusion
The process in which two different cell s fuse into one single cell. The resulting cell has all of the contents from the original cells and has one nucleus containing the genetic material from both of the original cells. This occurs naturally during sexual reproduction , when gamete s ( egg s and sperm ) fuse to produce the zygote , and can also occur under laboratory conditions between somatic cells (any cell other than a gamete).

10. Cell line
A culture of a particular type of cell that can be reproduced indefinitely, thus making the cell line "immortal."

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