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1. Chroma
The relative purity or saturation of a color; intensity of distinctive hue as related to grayness; one of the three variables of color.

2. Chromatid
One of two daughter chromosome s after duplication but before separation from the other daughter chromosome (they can also be called "sister chromatids"). The pair of chromatids are joined together with a centromere , and can be seen during the earlier stages of mitosis and meiosis before the pair is separated and pulled to opposite ends of the nucleus .

3. Chromatid
Generally refers to a strand of a replicated chromosome ; consists of DNA and protein .

4. Chromatin
The tangled fibrous complex of DNA and protein within a eukaryotic nucleus . Compare: chromosome .

5. Chromatin
A complex of DNA and protein in eukaryotic cells that is dispersed throughout the nucleus during interphase and condensed into chromosomes during meiosis and mitosis .

6. Chromatography
An analytical technique used to separate molecules based on how they tend to cling to or dissolve in various solids, liquids and gases:* column chromatography is used most often to separate protein s based on their binding to a column lined with a ligand specific to a certain protein. * gel filtration chromatography is used most often to separate proteins by running the solution containing the proteins through a column filled with porous carbohydrate gel beads which will trap or slow down small molecules but will allow larger molecules to slide past. * paper chromatography separates molecules by taking advantage of their differing solubilities in a mix of solvents. The material to be separated is applied to a special piece of paper, and the edge of the paper is put in the solvent mix, which travels through the paper by capillary action and carries the different molecules at different rates with it.

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