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1. Dominant
A gene is said to be dominant if it expresses its phenotype even in the presence of a recessive gene.

2. Dominant discharge
The cycle of rising and falling flows in the vicinity of backfill flows, sustained over a long enough period that it alters a natural channel by dislodging, transporting, and distributing bed materials.

3. Dominant oncogene
A gene that stimulates cell proliferation and can drastically increase the risk of cancer development when present in a single copy.

4. Dominant species
For each stratum, dominant species are those that, when ranked in descending rank order and cumulatively totaled, immediately exceed 50 percent of the total dominance measure, plus any additional species comprising 20 percent or more of the total dominance measure for the stratum.

5. Dominant
Refers to an allele of a gene that is always expressed in heterozygotes .

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