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1. Drift
* Floating or non-mineral burden of a stream * Voluntary or accidental dislodgment of aquatic invertebrates from the stream bottom into the water column where they move or float with the current.

2. Drift (invertebrate drift)
Collectively, stream invertebrates (almost wholly the aquatic larval stages of insects) that voluntarily or accidentally leave the substrate to move or float with the current, as well as terrestrial invertebrates that drop into the stream. Also, any detrital material transported in the water current.

3. Drift feeders
Fish and other predators that forage on invertebrates drifting on the water surface or in the water column.

4. Drift line
An accumulation of water-carried debris along a contour or at the base of vegetation that provides direct evidence of prior inundation and often indicates the directional flow of flood waters.

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