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1. Ecosystem (ecological system, holocoen)
* An ecosystem is the dynamic and interrelating complex of plant and animal communities and their associated non-living environment. * The physical and climactic features and all the living and dead organisms in an area that are interrelated in the transfer of energy and material. * An interacting complex of a community and its environment functioning as an ecological unit in nature. Differs from "system" in being a more rigorous definition that encompasses and requires assumptions of energetics, ecological interactions, species adaptation s and so forth.

2. Ecosystem altering
Any activity that modifies the biota including species composition, distribution, and abundance and any activity that modifies the physical environment, including soils and the water cycle.

3. Ecosystem dynamics
Those intrinsic ecological functions through which an ecosystem becomes self-regulating, self-sustaining, and capable of recovery from external forces (e.g., damaging storm events). These intrinsic processes may cause continual change in biotic composition and structure at specific localities. Collectively, these changes represent internal flux, rather than substantive and permanent alteration of the ecosystem regionally.

4. Ecosystem function
* The collective intraspecific and interspecific interactions of the biota, such as primary and secondary production and mutualistic relationships. * The interactions between organisms and the physical environment, such as nutrient cycling, soil development, water budgeting, and flammability.

5. Ecosystem structure
The physical and spatial aspects of an ecosystem that are contributed by the biotic composition. Biotic composition is generally determined by the collective physiognomy of the dominant plants, including life forms, vertical stratification, and size.

6. Ecosystem
The community living in an area and its physical environment.

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