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1. Ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy implanted at a site which does not permit development of the embryo. 98 percent of ectopic pregnancies are implanted in one of the fallopian tubes. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy is increased in the following conditions: * pelvic inflammatory disease; * the use of an intrauterine device as birth control; * the use of progestin-only oral contraceptives. Aside from the fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancies can occur in an ovary, the abdominal cavity, and in the broad ligament. Ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency as a ruptured ectopic pregnancy can often result in severe hemorrhage leading to death. Other complications are: chronic salpingitis, sterility, intestinal obstruction and fistulae formation.

2. Ectopic pregnancy
Implantation of an embryo and its subsequent development outside the uterus , most commonly in a fallopian tube .