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1. Egg
A structure which the females of certain animal species lay as a means of reproduction; it contains a fertilized zygote and nutrition in the form of yolk for the developing offspring, sometimes contains other substances (eg., the "white" of a hen's egg), sometimes surrounded by a protective outer shell.

2. Egg coat
A layer of glycoprotein s and other stuff which surrounds an egg (ovum) , just outside of the egg's cell membrane . The coat protects the egg, and for organisms which practice external fertilization (fertilization outside of the parents' bodies) it can help prevent the sperm of other species from entering the egg. For the eggs of mammals, the egg coat is called the zona pellucida and for sea urchins (a popular study organism for developmental biologist s) it is called the vitelline layer.

3. Egg donation
Donation of an ovum by one woman to another who attempts to become pregnant by in vitro fertilization.

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