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1. Exon shuffling
A type of recombination where the exon s of a gene are recombined to make new genes.

2. Exon trapping (exon trap method)
A technique used to identify exon s with a specialized vector . The vector has two exons that are normal, spliced together in a transcript . Fragments of DNA can be inserted into the intron, and when the insert is an exon, the exon is spliced into the transcript, thereby giving a longer transcript that can be detected by Northern blot analysis.

3. Exon
The DNA bases that code for an amino acid sequence . Exons are separated by introns that code for no amino acid sequences.

4. Exons
The protein -coding DNA sequences of a gene . Compare intron .

5. Exonuclear gene
A gene that is not located in the nucleus of the cell . Examples are the genes found in mitochondria and chloroplast s ( organelle s outside of the nucleus).

6. Exonuclease
An enzyme that cleaves nucleotide s sequentially from the free ends of a linear nucleic acid substrate .

7. Exonuclease III
An exonuclease enzyme which removes nucleotide s one at a time from the 5'-end of duplex DNA which does not have a phosphorylated 3'-end.

8. Exonuclease lambda
An exonuclease enzyme that removes nucleotide s from the 5' end of duplex DNA which have 5'-phosphate groups attached to them.

9. Exonuclease VII
An exonuclease enzyme which makes oligonucleotide s by cleaving chunks of nucleotide s off of both ends of single-stranded DNA .

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