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1. Facultative
Of parasite s, optional. Compare obligate .

2. Facultative aerobe
An organism which is normally anaerobic but can also grow in the presence or oxygen (O2).

3. Facultative anaerobe
A microorganism which can survive without oxygen (is an anaerobe ) but is not harmed if oxygen is present.

4. Facultative heterochromatin
A type of heterochromatin (condensed and genetically inactivated portion of a chromosome ) which forms at specific stages of an organism's life cycle. In contrast with constitutive heterochromatin (the other type of heterochromatin), facultative heterochromatin occurs in only one of the two members of a homologous chromosome pair and is not permanent.

5. Facultative species
Species that can occur both in wetlands and uplands; there are three subcategories of facultative species: * facultative wetland plants (FACW) that usually occur in wetlands (estimated probability 67-99%), but occasionally are found in nonwetlands, * facultative plants (FAC) that are equally likely to occur in wetlands or nonwetlands (estimated probability 34-66%), and * facultative upland plants (FACU) that usually occur in nonwetlands (estimated probability 67-99%), but occasionally are found in wetlands (estimated probability (1-33%).

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