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1. Fat
A triglyceride ( lipid ) that is usually solid at room temperature. Compare oil .

2. Fat necrosis
This is necrosis of adipose tissue.

3. Fatigue
Fatigue is a sense of tiredness and losing stamina; it is a symptom common in depression , cancer and chronic infection.

4. Fats
1. Triglycerides that are solid at room temperature. 2. A legendary pool player from Minnesota?

5. Fatty acid (fatty acids)
Any of many long lipid-carboxylic acid chains found in fat s, oil s, and as a component of phospholipid s and glycolipid s in animal cell membranes. When insulin levels are too low or there is not enough glucose in the blood to use for energy, the body burns fatty acids for energy. This causes ketone bodies to be created as waste products, and they can cause the acid level in the blood to become too high. This in turn may lead to ketoacidosis , a serious illness.

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