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1. Flow (discharge)
* The movement of a stream of water and/or other mobile substances from place to place; the movement of water. * The moving water itself. * The volume of water passing a given point per unit of time.

2. Flow cytoenzymology
A technique for for separating and sorting cells based on the presence of specific enzyme s that create a colored material when they bind to a substrate .

3. Flow cytometry
Analysis of biological material by detection of the light-absorbing or fluorescing properties of cells or subcellular fractions (i.e., chromosome s) passing in a narrow stream through a laser beam. An absorbance or fluorescence profile of the sample is produced. Automated sorting devices, used to fractionate samples, sort successive droplets of the analyzed stream into different fractions depending on the fluorescence emitted by each droplet.

4. Flow duration curve
A cumulative frequency curve that shows the percentage of time that specified flows are equaled or exceeded.

5. Flow karyotyping
Use of flow cytometry to analyze and/or separate chromosome s on the basis of their DNA content.

6. Flower
The sexual reproductive structure of the angiosperm s, typically consisting of gynoecium , androecium and perianth and the main stem bearing these parts.

7. Flowers
The reproductive structures in angiosperm sporophytes where gametophytes are generated.

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