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1. Fluorescent
Having the ability to emit light of a certain wavelength when activated by light of another wavelength.

2. Fluorescent antibody
Immunoglobulin molecule which as been coupled with a fluorescent molecule so that it exhibits fluorescence.

3. Fluorescent antibody techniques
Lab techniques for locating antigen s in a prepared tissue sample by using antibodies with fluorescent label s which will bind to the antigens of interest.

4. Fluorescent label (fluorescent marker)
A molecule which fluoresces and can be attached to a probe molecule that does not fluoresce.

5. Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS)
This is a test for the antibody titre in the blood of a patient using live or killed syphilis-causing bacteria, Treponema pallidum. It becomes positive 4 to 6 weeks after infection and becomes negative in 2 years if treatment is successful. FTA-ABS is referred to as the "treponemal antigen test" because treponema pallidum is used as an antigen to make the measurement. This test is more sensitive and specific than the VDRL test.

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