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1. Gene
* Acronym for "genetically-engineered organism." * The fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity. A gene is an ordered sequence of nucleotide s located in a particular position on a particular chromosome that encodes a specific functional product (i.e., a protein or RNA molecule ). See gene expression .

2. Gene amplification
* The creation of extra, functional copies of gene s in a cell or organism. * The duplication of an entire genome within a cell or organism. * A procedure applied to a bacterium that increases the proportion of plasmid DNA to bacterial DNA (some antibiotic s have this effect).

3. Gene bank
A group of gene s which are coordinately controlled.

4. Gene cloning (DNA cloning)
A lab technique which uses DNA manipulation procedures to produce a recombinant DNA molecule and then to make multiple copies of it by inserting it into the genome of a host microorganism which is then grown in culture .

5. Gene cluster
A set of closely related gene s that code for the same or similar protein s and which are usually grouped together on the same chromosome .

6. Gene conversion
A genetic error that can happen after meiosis in which a homologous pair of allele s segregate in a 3:1 rather than a 2:2 ratio. This sometimes happens because the DNA polymerase copies one allele twice and fails to copy the other.

7. Gene disruption
Use of both in vitro and in vivo recombination to substitute an easily selected mutant gene for a wild-type gene.

8. Gene divergence
The difference (expressed as a percentage) in the nucleotide sequences between two related gene s that developed from the same ancestral gene.

9. Gene dosage
The number of times a particular gene shows up in a cell's genome .

10. Gene duplication
In this situation, a DNA sequence is tandemly repeated because of a replication accident or unequal crossing over .

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