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1. Glucose tolerance test
A test to see if a person has diabetes . The test is given in a lab or doctor's office in the morning before the person has eaten. A first sample of blood is taken from the person. Then the person drinks a liquid that has glucose in it. After one hour, a second blood sample is drawn, and, after another hour, a third sample is taken. The object is to see how well the body deals with the glucose in the blood over time.

2. Glucose tolerance test
A test used to find out how well a normal liver can absorb and store large amounts of the sugar glucose . The test is given either orally (through the mouth) or intravenously (injected directly into the blood stream).

3. Glucose tolerance test (GTT)
This involves giving a standard oral glucose load (e.g. 75g) to a patient who has been fasting overnight. Blood levels of glucose are measured at intervals up to 2 to 5 hours. Lack of standards for the diagnostic criteria makes it difficult to interprete the results of this test.