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1. Guanosine triphosphate (GTP)
A molecule which consists of the nitrogenous base guanine linked to the sugar ribose and which has three phosphate group s attached to the 5th carbom atom of the ribose. GTP is a high-energy compound which serves as an energy source for many biochemical reactions. It is required for the formation of peptide bond s between amino acid s during translation and is required for ribonucleic acid synthesis since it is a direct precursor.

2. Guanosine triphosphate binding protein (G protein, transducin)
A type of protein embedded in the cytoplasmic membrane of the cell which transmits signals from outside the cell (such as from hormone s binding to receptors on the outside of the cell) to the inside of the cell, where it causes some sort of biochemical reaction within the cell to the signal (such as the altering of metabolic pathways or gene expression ). The process by which the protein does this is unclear but involves exchanging a molecule of GDP for a molecule of GTP .