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1. Hemagglutination
The clumping together of red blood cell s to each other in the presence of certain virus es, bacteria , plant protein s, or antibodies.

2. Hemagglutination test
A test in which an antigen and an antibody react to each other on the surface of a red blood cell .

3. Hemagglutination-inhibition test (hemagglutination inhibition assay, HI test, HAI test)
A clinical lab test used to detect the presence of a certain hemagglutinating virus or other hemagglutinin antigen based on whether the red blood cell s in the sample lose the ability to clump together when the antibody to the virus or other antigen is added to it. If the virus or antigen is present, the antibody kills it and thereby stops it from being able to stick the red blood cells to each other.