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1. Hemizygous
A situation within a cell where only one copy of a gene or group of genes is present instead of the usual two copies per gene in a diploid genome . The word is used as in the following example: "the cell is hemizygous for gene X."

2. Hemizygous gene
Any gene which is present as only one copy in a diploid genome , when most other genes in the genome are present as two copies. The genes on the sex chromosome s of members of the heterogametic sex of a species are all hemizygous genes (for example, in humans, males have hemizygous genes on their X and Y chromosome s because they do not have two copies of either of those chromosomes).

3. Hemizygous
Having one or more genes that have no allele counterparts. Usually applied to genes on the male's X chromosome (in humans).

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