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1. Homopolymer
A type of polymer (large molecule which consists of a chain of similar smaller molecules called monomer s) where all of the monomers are the same thing. For example, a polypeptide which consists entirely of the amino acid lysine linked end to end, instead of many different amino acids linked end to end, would be a homopolymer.

2. Homopolymer tailing
A lab technique where a nucleic acid homopolymer (a long chain of the same nucleotide over and over) is attached to the end of a piece of DNA as a part of DNA cloning . It is especially useful in cDNA cloning to get the cDNA inserted into the cloning vector -- a nucleic acid homopolymer which contains the complementary nucleotide to the cDNA tail is attached to the vector, which then pairs with the tail on the cDNA.

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