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1. Hunter's syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis type II, MPS disorder II, MPS II)
An X-linked disease caused by a deficiency of the enzyme iduronate sulphate sulfatase, which breaks down dermatan sulphate and heparen sulphate, two types of mucopolysaccharides (complex carbohydrate s). Consequently, the mucopolysaccharides accumulate in the cells of the body and cause damage. Patients have the two types of sulfates in their urine and suffer from skeletal defects, retinitis pigmentosa (progressive blindness), skin lesion s, progressive deafness, and heart problems. There are mild and severe forms of the syndrome and presently no cure. Symptoms are treated as they appear. Hunter s syndrome is the most common of a number of related rare genetic mucopolysaccharide disorders.

2. Hunter's syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis type II, MPS II, MPS2)
Hunter's syndrome is characterized by coarse face, enlargement of liver and spleen, and mental retardation. Affected patients has sulfoiduronate sulfatase defeciency. It is inherited as an x-linked recessive condition.