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1. Hydrophobic (hydrophobia)
Exhibiting hydrophobia; refers to: * A substance that repels or will not absorb water. * An organism that is harmed by water or a wet environment. * A person that has an irrational fear of water. * An animal suffering from rabies .

2. Hydrophobic bonding
* The attraction of hydrophobic and nonpolar molecules to each other in the presence of water (or another polar fluid). * The attraction of the hydrophobic (or nonpolar) parts of molecules to each other in the presence of water (or another polar fluid). Because hydrophobic molecules are repelled by water, they will form clumps with one another so that the clumped interiors are hidden away from water.

3. Hydrophobic effect
The tendency for the nonpolar portions of a group of lipid molecules to clump together with one another and exclude water and other polar molecules. The polar portions of the lipid molecules end up facing out. The hydrophobic effect is primarily responsible for the construction of lipid bilayer s.

4. Hydrophobic interaction
The attractive force between molecules due to the close positioning of non- hydrophilic portions of the two molecules.

5. Hydrophobic
Water-fearing.Term applied to nonpolar molecules that cannot bond with water.

6. Hydrophobicity
A measure of how insoluble (undissolvable) a given molecule is when in water or other polar liquids.

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