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1. Immunoglobulin (immune globulin, pl. immunoglobulin)
An antibody protein that is generated in response to and will bind to a specific antigen .

2. Immunoglobulin gene
Any gene which codes for a part of an immunoglobulin protein (the light chain s or heavy chain s) or is otherwise involved in production of the immunoglobulin protein.

3. Immunoglobulin gene switching
Switching between two (out of five) different classes of immunoglobulin protein s, for example from IgA to IgM . This is accomplished during the development of an immunoglobulin within a lymphocyte , when the expression of gene s coding for different parts of the protein can be switched around.

4. Immunoglobulins
The five classes of protein to which antibodies belong (IgD, IgM, IgG, IgA, IgE).