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1. Initiation codon
A nucleotide sequence that codes for the first amino acid in a polypeptide sequence; the codon is typically AUG in eukaryote s and sometimes GUG in prokaryote s.

2. Initiation codon (AUG)
Three-base sequence on the messenger RNA that codes for the amino acid methionine; the start command for protein synthesis.

3. Initiation factor (IF)
A type of protein which plays an important role in initiating the translation of an mRNA molecule into a polypeptide . Initiation factors help form the complex between the mRNA and a ribosome .

4. Initiation
The first step in translation ; occurs when a messenger RNA molecule, a ribosomal subunit, and a transfer RNA molecule carrying the first amino acid bind together to form a complex; begins at the start codon on mRNA.

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