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1. Ion
An atom or molecule that has gained or lost electrons and thus has a net positive or negative charge.

2. Ion channel
A protein imbedded in a cell membrane that serves as a crossing point for the regulated transfer of a specific ion or group of ions across the membrane.

3. Ion exchange resin
A resin of polymer s that have fixed charged groups which is used in chromatographic columns to separate ion s.

4. Ion
An atom that has lost or gained electrons from its outer shell and therefore has a positive or negative charge, respectively; symbolized by a superscript plus or minus sign and sometimes a number, e.g., H+, Na+1, Cl-2.

5. Ionic bond
A chemical bond in which atoms of opposite charge are held together by electrostatic attraction.

6. Ionizing radiation
Radiation (such as x-ray s) that can make organic molecules into ions, and therefore make them more reactive, by knocking off some of their electrons.

7. Ionophore
A compound which can cause the leakage of ions across membranes.

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