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1. Legionnaire's disease
Legionnaire's disease is a community-acquired pneumonia caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila. The elderly, immune-compromised, and smokers are particularly at risk of getting sick if they are exposed to this bacterium.

2. Legionnaire's disease (legionellosis, Legionella pneumonia)
Legionnaire's disease is caused by the bacterial species Legionella pneumonophila, a member of the family Legionellaceae , which begins with flu-like symptoms, then moves on to high fever, shaking chills, headaches, diarrhea, pneumonia, and pleurisyy , and can result in death. The disease is highly contagious. The bacteria which causes this disease is only harmful when tiny droplets of water floating in the air containing the bacteria are inhaled, and does not cause harm when it is present in drinking water.