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1. Lymph (lymphatic fluid)
A clear fluid found outside the cells which bathes the tissues. It is collected, filtered, and transported by the lymphatic system from around the tissues to the blood circulatory system.

2. Lymph hearts
Contractile enlargements of vessels that pump lymph back into the veins ; found in fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

3. Lymph node (lymph gland)
A round or oval mass of lymphatic tissue found on a lymphatic vessel within the lymphatic system , which filters lymphatic fluid .

4. Lymph
Interstitial fluid in the lymphatic system .

5. Lymphatic circulation
A secondary circulatory system that collects fluids from between the cells and returns it to the main circulatory system; the circulation of the lymphatic system , which is part of the immune system .

6. Lymphatic system
The system of vessels, gland s ( lymph node s), and other lymphatic tissues (like the spleen ) which collects, filters (at the lymph nodes), and transports lymphatic fluid from around the tissues and eventually puts it back into the blood circulatory system. Included in the fluid it picks up is the fluid that flows out of the capillaries during normal capillary functions.

7. Lymphatic system
A network of glands and vessels that drain interstitial fluid from body tissues and return it to the circulatory system .

8. Lymphatic tissue (lymphoid tissue)
A structure found within the lymphatic system that consists of lymphocyte s within a network of fibers.

9. Lymphedema
Lymphedema is characterized by swelling secondary to the accumulation of lymph in tissues.

10. Lymphocyte
A type of non-granular leukocyte that mainly stays in lymphatic tissue (e.g., the lymph nodes) and is active in immune responses, including the production of antibodies.

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