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1. Mole
* A small, furry, burrow-dwelling insectivore in the family Talpidae. * A pigmented, raised spot on the skin. * The fundamental unit for measuring compounds; one gram molecular weight of a compound (see Avogadro's number ). Abbreviated "mol."

2. Mole salamander (Ambystoma talpoideum)
The mole salamander is a black, brown, or grey species with bluish flecks, which remains underground, except during its breeding season, and is found in Southeastern U.S.

3. Mole
Avogadro's number (6.02 X 1023 atoms) of a substance.

4. Molecular biology
The study of the biochemical and molecular processes within cells, especially the processes of replication , transcription , and translation .

5. Molecular biology
field of biology that studies the molecular level of organization.

6. Molecular cloning
The biological amplification of a specific DNA sequence through mitotic division of a host cell into which it has been transformed or transfected.

7. Molecular farming
The use of agriculturally important plants to produce biomolecule s instead of food and fiber. Plants which have been genetically engineered to make scientifically, medically, or industrially interesting biomolecules ( transgenic plant s) are grown as crops and harvested for the biomolecules.

8. Molecular genetics
The study of the flow and regulation of genetic information between DNA , RNA , and protein molecules.

9. Molecular markers
Those genetic markers (usually protein s or DNA sequences) which are detected by biochemical methods.

10. Molecule
The result of two or more atoms combining by chemical bonding.

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