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1. Nut
A hard, dry, indehiscent fruit formed from two or more carpel s but containing only one seed.

2. Nutlet
A small nut.

3. Nutrient
A substance taken by a cell from its environment and used in catabolic or anabolic reactions.

4. Nutrient agar
The solid version of nutrient broth supplemented with agar .

5. Nutrient broth
A general-purpose liquid basal medium composed of nutrients (e.g. beef extract and peptone ) which allows many types of microorganisms to grow.

6. Nutrition
The scientific study of "the sum of processes concerned in the growth, maintenance, and repair of the living body as a whole or of its constituent organs" [Graham Lusk, 1928]. These processes include ingestion and digestion of food, the conversion of food into chemical energy and other materials that the body can use or store, and excretion. The scope of the field also includes how these processes are different between organisms of different age, healthfulness, species, or environments.

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