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1. Oxidation
Any reaction which removes electrons from a molecule or atom.

2. Oxidation number
The number of electrons necessary to restore an atom in a combined state to its elemental form.

3. Oxidation pond
A pond that contains partially treated wastewater which is then left to allow the growth of algae and bacteria which decompose the rest of the waste.

4. Oxidation
The loss of electrons from the outer shell of an atom ; often accompanied by the transfer of a proton and thus involves the loss of a hydrogen ion. The loss of electrons or hydrogens in a chemical reaction.

5. Oxidation-fermentation test
A test to to determine whether a given bacterial strain has an oxidative or fermentative type of metabolism by seeing what it does to a carbohydrate substrate .

6. Oxidation-reduction reaction (redox reaction)
Any reaction in which electrons are removed from one molecule or atom and given to another molecule or atom.

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