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1. Riparian
* On, or pertaining to, the banks of a stream. (As in riparian vegetation or riparian woodland.) * Pertaining to the banks and other adjacent, terrestrial (as opposed to aquatic) environs of freshwater bodies, watercourses, and surface-emergent aquifers (e.g., springs, seeps, oases), whose imported waters provide soil moisture significantly in excess of that otherwise available through local precipitation - soil moisture to potentially support a mesic vegetation distinguishable from that of the adjacent more xeric upland.

2. Riparian area
The area between a stream or other body of water and the adjacent upland identified by soil characteristics and distinctive vegetation. It includes wetlands and those portions of floodplain s and valley bottoms that support riparian vegetation .

3. Riparian land
Land situated along the bank of a stream or other body of water.

4. Riparian vegetation
* Vegetation which occurs in and/or adjacent to a watercourse. For the purpose of administering Fish and Game Code Section 1600, et seq., this should be expanded to include vegetation adjacent to lakes as well. * Vegetation growing on or near the banks of a stream or other body of water on soils that exhibit some wetness characteristics during some portion of the growing season. * Vegetation which occurs along watercourses, and is structurally or floristically distinct from nearby, non-streamside vegetation. * Riparian vegetation is terrestrial vegetation that grows beside rivers, streams, and other freshwater bodies and that depends on these water sources for soil moisture greater than would otherwise be available from local precipitation.

5. Riparian wetland
Riparian vegetation composed primarily of woody hydrophyte s (e.g., such as willows, alders, cottonwoods, sycamores, box elders, aspens, etc.).

6. Riparian woodland (riparian forest)
* The broad-leaved and winter deciduous , phreatophytic tree formation that lines watercourses. * Streamside forest composed of either wetland species (e.g., willow, cottonwood, etc.) or non-wetland species (e.g., oak, walnut, California bay).

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