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1. Run (fish run)
A group of fish migrating in a river (most often on a spawning migration) that may comprise one or many stocks.

2. Run (stream)
Swiftly flowing stream reach with little surface agitation and no major flow obstructions. Often appears as a flooded riffle. (Compare glide ; riffle ; rapids .)

3. Runcinate
Deeply lobed and with the lobes slanted away from the apex .

4. Runner
A slender, prostrate or trailing stem which produces roots and sometimes erect shoots at its node s.

5. Run-off (runoff)
* Water flowing in a river as a result of snow melt or heavy rains. * The part of precipitation and snowmelt that reaches streams (and thence the sea) by flowing over the ground. * The portion of rain or snow that does not percolate into the ground and is discharged into streams instead. * That part of water yield that appears in streams. Expressed in acre feet per year.

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