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1. Serum
The liquid portion of blood left over after all of the cells have been removed.

2. Serum antiHAV
This is an IgG which peaks after 1 month of hepatitis A infection and may persist for years. Its presence indicates previous infection, noninfectivity, and immunity to recurring HAV infection.

3. Serum AntiHBc
This is the antibody against the core protein of the hepatitis B virus. it is the most reliable indictor that infection with hepatitis B has taken place in the past.

4. Serum antiHBe
This is the antibody against a viral product during the incubation period and therefore its presence indicates infection has occurred. But this antibody is detected only when infection is decreasing.

5. Serum antiHBs
This is an antibody against the surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus. Its presences alone only indicates infectivity. Its presences together with the disappearance of HBsAg signifies recovery from an infection and immune protection from recurrent hepatitis infection.

6. Serum antiHCV
This is a test for the presence of antibodies to the Hepatitis C which is responsible for over 90% of hepatitis from blood transfusion. However, most cases of Hepatitis C (96%) is transmitted from intravenous drug use. Recombinant immunoblot assay (RIBA) detects antibodies to four HCV antigens.

7. Serum antiHEV
This is an antibody against hepatitis E, formerly known as non-A non-B hepatitis.

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