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1. Sex chromosomes
The chromosome s which determine the gender of the organism (for organisms whose gender is determined by gene s rather than by environment). In humans, fruit flies, and other animals where the male is the heterogametic sex , they are the X chromosome s and Y chromosome s. In birds, moths, and other animals where the female is the heterogametic sex, they are the W chromosome s and Z chromosome s. For humans, the sex chromosomes are the 23rd pair of all chromosomes. The sex chromosomes of most plants (when they exist) are also known as X and Y chromosomes; Ginkgo trees have a different system of sex chromosomes. Compare autosome .

2. Sex chromosomes
The chromosomes that determine the sex of an organism. In humans, females have two X chromosomes , and males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. Chromosome that determines the gender (sex) of the individual. Human males have a large X and a smaller Y sex chromosomes, while human females have two X sex chromosomes.