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1. Soil
Unconsolidated material on the earth's surface that supports or is capable of supporting plants out-of-doors.

2. Soil horizon (A horizon, B horizon, C horizon)
A distinct layer of soil, more or less parallel with the soil surface, having similar properties such as color, texture and permeability; the soil profile is subdivided into the following major horizons: * A-horizon, characterized by an accumulation of organic material; * B-horizon, characterized by relative accumulation of clay iron, organic matter or aluminum; * C-horizon, the undisturbed and unaltered parent material. (Some soils have an E-horizon, characterized by leaching of organic and other material.)

3. Soil hue
A characteristic of color related to one of the main spectral colors (red, yellow, green, blue or purple), or various combinations of these principle colors; one of the three variables of color; each color chart in the Munsell Soil Color Charts (Kollmorgen Corporation 1975) represents a specific hue.

4. Soil matrix
The portion of a given soil having the dominant color; in most cases, the matrix will be the portion of the soil having more than 50 percent of the same color.

5. Soil permeability
The ease with which gases, liquids or plant roots penetrate or pass through a layer of soil.

6. Soil phase
A subdivision of a series based on features such as slope, surface texture, stoniness and thickness.

7. Soil phase
A subdivision of a soil series having features (e.g., slope, surface texture and stoniness) that affect the use and management of the soil, but which do not vary sufficiently to differentiate it as a separate series.

8. Soil pore
An area within soil occupied by either air or water, resulting from the arrangement of individual soil particles.

9. Soil profile
A vertical section of the soil through all its horizons and extending into the parent material.

10. Soil series
A group of soils having horizons similar in differentiating characteristics and arrangements in the soil profile, except for texture of the surface layer.

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