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1. Sperm (spermatozoan)
A reproductive cell produced by the male of an animal species which, when united with an egg (of the same species), results in conception and the development of an embryo .

2. Sperm bank
A facility where sperm are kept frozen in liquid nitrogen for later use in artificial insemination.

3. Sperm count
The number of sperm in the ejaculate (when given as the number of sperm per millileter it is more accurately known as the sperm concentration or sperm density).

4. Sperm
The male gamete .

5. Spermatid
An immature sperm cell. It has a haploid number of chromosome s, but does not yet have a distinct head or tail.

6. Spermatogenesis
The development of sperm cells from spermatocytes to mature sperm, including meiosis .

7. Spermatophyta
A major division of the plant kingdom, characterized by reprodution by seed and subdivided into the Gymnospermae ( gymnosperm s) and Angiospermae ( angiosperm s).

8. Spermicide
A spermicide is chemical that kills sperm (male reproductive cells). These chemicals are in contraceptive creams and jellies used to prevent pregnancy.

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