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1. G1 phase (G1 gap)
The period during interphase in the cell cycle between mitosis and the S phase (when DNA is replicated). Also known as the "decision" period of the cell , because the cell "decides" to divide when it enters the S phase. The "G" stands for gap.

2. G2 phase (G2 gap)
The period during interphase in the cell cycle between the S phase (when DNA is replicated) and mitosis (when the nucleus , then cell , divides). At this time, the cell checks the accuracy of DNA replication and prepares for mitosis. The "G" stands for gap.

3. Halo blight (halo spot)
Halo blight is a fatal plant disease which attacks legume s and is caused by the bacteria Pseumonas phaseolicola. The plant develops yellow-ringed, water-soaked spots, then withers and dies without rotting.

4. Interphase
The period in the cell cycle when the cell is not reproducing (undergoing mitosis ). During this time, the cell is growing rapidly, increasing its size, making new molecules, and doing all of the things that cells do that are not associated with cell division. The period is subdivided into the G1 phase, the S phase , and the G2 phase.

5. Prophase
1) The first stage of mitosis during which chromosomes condense, the nuclear envelope disappears, and the centrioles divide and migrate to opposite ends of the cell. 2) The first stage of mitosis and meiosis (although in meiosis this phase is denoted with either a roman numeral I or II) where the chromatin condenses to form chromosomes, nucleolus dissolves, nuclear envelope dissolves, and the spindle begins to form.

6. S phase
The period during interphase in the cell cycle when DNA is replicated in the cell nucleus . The "S" stands for synthesis.

7. S phase
That period of interphase when new DNA is synthesized as part of replication of the chromatin .

8. Solvent
A liquid or gas that will dissolve another substance; the continuous phase of a solution (which is made up of the solvent and the solute together). Water is the most common liquid solvent.

9. Unscheduled DNA synthesis
Any synthesis of DNA that happens ouside the S phase of the cell cycle.

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