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1. Accessory pigments
Light-absorbing pigments such as carotenoid s and phycobilin s that serve as complements to chlorophyll in plants, algae and bacteria by trapping light energy for photosynthesis .

2. Anthocyanin (pl. anthocyanins)
A blue, purple or red, accessory pigment found in plants. Anthocyanins are water-soluble glucoside s. Compare carotenoid .

3. Carotenoid
One of a group of red, orange, purple or yellow pigments typically found as accessory pigment s in plants and some fungi . They are fat-soluble and are called lipochromes when they are found concentrated in animal fat. Carotenoids are widely used as food colorings, and one pigment, beta carotene , is used as a source of Vitamin A. Compare anthocyanin

4. Carotenoids
Major group of accessory pigments in plants; includes beta carotene.

5. Class Chrysophyceae (golden-brown algae)
There are about 1500 species of golden-brown algae . This class of organisms is quite diverse; some species have flagella , others move like amoeba s, others don't move on their own at all. They reproduce via cell division, create food via photosynthesis , and are characterized by having the accessory pigment fucoxanthin .

6. Fucoxanthin
Brown accessory pigment found in and characteristic of the brown algae.

7. Phycobilin
An accessory pigment that aids photosynthesis in both red and blue-green algae .

8. Phycocyanin
An accessory pigment found in cyanobacteria and the chloroplasts of red algae .

9. Phycoerythrin
An accessory pigment found in cyanobacteria and the chloroplasts of red algae .

10. Xanthophyll
Any of several yellow accessory pigment s which found in plant leaves, egg yolks, and human blood plasma; these pigments are oxygen derivatives of carotene s.