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1. Algal oxidation pond
A wide, shallow pond used in wastewater treatment; the algae produce oxygen so that bacteria can aerobically digest sewage in the water.

2. Anaerobic digester (anaerobic bioreactor)
This is a bioreactor for anaerobically digesting sewage-laced wastewater. In it, anaerobic bacteria produce a mix of methane and carbon dioxide; as much as 90% of the chemical energy in the wastewater can be converted to methane, which is typically exhausted continuously and collected for use as a fuel or for a reagent for other industrial chemical reactions.

3. Bacteriochlorophyll
A pigment, or colored particle, found in bacteria that anaerobically photosynthesizes (uses the sun as a source of energy), the way green pigments of chlorophyll found in plants photosynthesize.

4. Glycolysis
A complex biochemical process in which one molecule of glucose is anaerobically converted into two molecules of pyruvate and energy in the form of ATP .

5. Interspecies hydrogen transfer
The process in which organic matter is degraded anaerobically by the interaction of several groups of microorganisms in which hydrogen production and hydrogen consumption are closely coupled among species .

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