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1. Agriculture
The science of raising plants and/or animals for food, clothing, or other useful products.

2. Agrochemical
Term for any artificially-produced chemical (such as a feed additives, pharmaceutical, fertilizer or pesticide ) used in agriculture to improve crop or livestock production.

3. Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP)
Invented by KeyGene, a Dutch biotech company based in Wageningen, Holland The technique is now merchandised under licence agreement by Perkin Elmer. Selected markers are amplified in a PCR , which makes AFLP an easy and fast tool for strain identification in agriculture , botany , microbiology and animal breeding.

4. Biogenetics
A form of genetic engineering; the science of adding or altering the genetic code of an organism to achieve particular traits. This technique is becoming more and more important in agriculture as researchers seek to make crops that are resistant to pests.

5. Depletion
In general, the often harmful decrease in the supply of something: * In ecology, it refers to the consumption of a resource (such as timber or oil) faster than it can be replaced through natural processes; * In agriculture, it refers to impaired soil productivity due to a loss of nutrients.

6. Economic botany
The study of plants and plant products that can be used for profit, such as in the field of agriculture or medicine.

7. Shifting cultivation (shifting agriculture, extensive cultivation)
A farming method where land is extensively used to cultivate crops for a few years, then allowed to lie fallow for several years, then used again.

8. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
The U.S. agency responsible for regulation of biotechnology products in plants and animals. The major laws under which the agency has regulatory powers include the Federal Plant Pest Act (PPA), the Federal Seed Act, and the Plant Variety Act (PVA). In addition, the Science and Education (S and E) division has nonregulatory oversight of research activities that the agency funds.

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