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1. Accessory pigments
Light-absorbing pigments such as carotenoid s and phycobilin s that serve as complements to chlorophyll in plants, algae and bacteria by trapping light energy for photosynthesis .

2. Agar
This gelatinous material, an extract from red algae (mainly Gelidium and Gracilaria species), is most frequently used as a culture medium, especially for bacteria. It is also used as a thickener in foods, but humans can't digest it.

3. Algae
This is a large group of diverse unicellular and multicellular aquatic plants; they grow in both fresh water and seawater and are used commercially as a source of thickeners ( agar , agarose , algin , carrageenan ) and pigments such as beta carotene . Some countries harvest them as food; Spirulina is produced by Israel and Mexico, and the Japanese consume some species of Chlorella. Some species of algae are important commercial pests because they clog pipes and foul pools and reservoirs.

4. Algal oxidation pond
A wide, shallow pond used in wastewater treatment; the algae produce oxygen so that bacteria can aerobically digest sewage in the water.

5. Algicide
Any chemical that kills algae .

6. Algin (alginate)
This gelatinous material, a polysaccharide extract from brown algae , is widely used in foods, medicines, and industrial and household products. The main algae that produce it are Laminaria species and Macrocystis pyrifera (a chemically different version of algin is produced by the bacterium Azobacter vinelandii.)

7. Alternation of generations
A life cycle in which a multicellular diploid stage is followed by a haploid stage and so on; found in land plants and many algae and fungi.

8. Aufwuchs
Complex assemblage of plants and animals living on the surface of a submerged mineral or organic substrate. It includes diatoms, blue-green algae , protozoa , rotifers and nematodes.

9. Brown algae
Multicellular protistans placed in the Division Phaeophyta, includes kelp.

10. Carrageenan
A gel-forming polysaccharide goo found in the red algae Chondrus crispus and Gigartina mammillosa which is used as an emulsifier in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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