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1. Anther
The pollen -producing producing part of a flower.

2. Anther culture
A plant culturing technique in which immature pollen is made to divide and grow into tissue (either callus or embryonic tissue) in either a liquid medium or on solid media. Pollen-containing anther s are removed from a flower and put in a culture medium; some microspheres survive and develop into tissue. If embryonic tissue develops, it's put in a medium favorable for shoot and root development; if it's callus tissue, it's put in a solution of hormones that will spur it to differentiate and develop shoot and root tissue.

3. Anther
The top of a stamen's filament; divided into pollen sacs in which the pollen grains form.

4. Antheridium
The fertile organ of a male gametophyte or the male organ of a bisexual gametophyte, in which male gametes are formed.

5. Archegonium
The structure on the pteridophyte prothallus that produces the sessile female gamete s. Compare antheridium .

6. Basifixed
Attached at or by the base, e.g. of anther s, by the base of the connective .

7. Biological magnification (biomagnification)
The process by which toxins such as pesticide s build up in each successive link in the food chain; for instance, a given population of beetles may have very low levels of a fat-soluble pesticide, but the pesticide will build to much greater levels in the fat of a bird that eats those beetles, and the pesticide will reach greater levels still in a human or panther that eats the beetle-eating birds.

8. Connective
The part of an anther that connects the lobes.

9. Didymous
Carried in pairs; of anther s, having two lobes, with scarcely any tissue connecting them.

10. Equilateral
Of stamen s, with anther s regularly spaced around the style .

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