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1. Antiserum
A serum containing antibodies that will work against specific virus es, bacteria , or other antigen s.

2. End point (end-point, endpoint)
* In analytical chemistry , it is the point during a titration reaction where there are equal amounts of titrant and whatever is being titrated. A color change in the sample usually indicates this point. * In immunology , it is the most dilute an antibody or antiserum solution can be while still detectably reacting with the antigen .

3. Hyperimmune serum
A type of antiserum which is made from the blood of a hyperimmune individual. The hyperimmune serum contains lots of hyperimmune antibodies against a particular antigen and can be used to immunize others against the same antigen.

4. Immunization therapy
Medical treatment with antiserum and antigen ic substances such as vaccines.

5. Polyclonal antiserum
A mixture of antibodies to a variety of antigen s or to a variety of determinants on a single antigen.

6. Quellung reaction
A technique of making the outer cell wall of a bacterium more visible (darker) by applying a certain antiserum to it.

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