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1. Apical dominance
A situation in which the presence of a terminal bud on a branch suppresses axillary bud growth.

2. Axil
Angle between a branch or leaf and the stem it grows from.

3. Axil
The angle between a leaf or bract and the axis bearing it. Adj.: axillary.

4. Axil
The upper angle formed by a leaf or branch as it grows from the main axis (main stem).

5. Axile
In botany terminology, describes a plant part which is on an axis; of a placenta, on the central axis of the ovary.

6. Axillary
Located or growing from an axil .

7. Axillary bud
A bud located in the axil of a plant.

8. Axillary buds
Buds borne in the axil (where the leaf meets the stem) of a stem.

9. Bract
A leaf-like structure, different in form from the foliage leaves and without an axillary bud, associated with an inflorescence or flower.

10. Bulbil
A small, deciduous bulb (or tuber ) formed in the axil of a leaf and functioning to propagate the plant vegetatively.

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