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1. Basal area
The cross-sectional area of a tree trunk measured in square inches, square centimeters, etc.; basal area is normally measured at 4.5 feet above ground level and is used as a measure of dominance; the most commonly used tool for measuring basal area is a diameter tape or a D-tape (then convert to basal area).

2. Dominance
Refers to the spatial extent of a species ; commonly the most abundant species in each vegetation stratum that, when ranked in descending order of abundance and cumulatively totaled, immediately exceeds 50 percent of the total dominance measure (e.g., areal cover or basal area) for the stratum, plus any additional species comprising 20 percent or more of the total dominance measure for the stratum.

3. Dominance measure
The means or method by which dominance is established, including areal coverage and basal area ; the total dominance measure is the sum total of the dominance measure values for all species comprising a given stratum.

4. Relative basal area
An estimate of basal area for trees, such as produced by the Bitterlich sampling technique.

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