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1. Alkali sink
A land basin in which water evaporation produces high salt concentrations that may, or may not, support salt marsh vegetation.

2. Basin
* The region of land drained by a river and its tributaries. (See also drainage area.) * The surface of the area tributary to a stream or lake. * Space above or below ground capable of retaining or detaining water or debris.

3. Detention basin
A pond designed as a sediment trap. Usually designed to slow the flow of sediment carrying water so that the sediment will drop out. (For heavy sediment loads these ponds are often built with two or three in series. Sediment must be periodically bailed out to allow the ponds to continue to function.)

4. Drainage
* The basin (or its area) tributary to a stream. * The removal of excess surface water or groundwater from an area by means of surface or subsurface drains.

5. Drainage area
Total land area draining to any point in a stream, as measured on a map, aerial photo or other horizontal, two-dimensional projection. (See also catchment area ; watershed ; basin .)

6. Drainage basin
A large surface area whose waters are drained off into a principal river system.

7. Headwaters
Headwaters means non-tidal rivers, streams, and their lakes and impoundments, including adjacent wetlands, that are part of a surface tributary system to an interstate or navigable water of the U.S. upstream of the point on the river or stream at which the average annual flow is less than five cubic feet per second. The Corps of Engineers may estimate this point from available data by using the mean annual area precipitation, area drainage basin maps, and the average runoff coefficient, or by similar means. For streams that are dry for long periods of the year, the Corps may establish the point where headwaters begin as that point on the stream where a flow of five cubic feet per second is equaled or exceeded 50% of the time.

8. Lake
A water-filled basin with restricted or no outlet. Includes reservoir s, tidal pond s, and playa s.

9. Playa
Periodically-flooded basin common in parts of the Southwest.

10. Plunge pool
basin scoured out by vertically falling water.

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