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1. Active biomass
The amount of a given culture that is actively growing.

2. Biomass
* Plant material that can be converted into fuel. * A quantitative estimate of the entire amount of living organisms in a particular habitat; it can be measured in terms of volume, mass, or calori c energy.

3. Biomass
The total weight of living tissue in a community .

4. Carrying capacity
Maximum average number or biomass of organisms that can be sustained in a habitat over the long term. Usually refers to a particular species , but can be applied to more than one.

5. Carrying capacity
The maximum average number or biomass of organisms or of a given species that can be sustained on a long-term basis under a given flow regime by a steam or stream reach.

6. Instream flow incremental methodology (IFIM)
Technique to predict the biomass of a fish species or life stage that a stream reach can support at a given flow, given knowledge of the fishes' physical habitat preferences.

7. Net primary productivity (NPP)
The rate at which producer (usually plants) biomass is created in a community.

8. Net secondary productivity (NSP)
The rate at which consumer and decomposer biomass is produced in a community.

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