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1. Axil
The angle between a leaf or bract and the axis bearing it. Adj.: axillary.

2. Bract
A leaf-like structure, different in form from the foliage leaves and without an axillary bud, associated with an inflorescence or flower.

3. Bracteolate
Furnished with bracteole s.

4. Bracteole
A small bract -like structure borne singly or in pairs on the pedicel or calyx of a flower.

5. Burr
A rough or prickly propagule consisting of a seed or fruit and associated floral parts or bract s.

6. Chaff
Thin, membranous scales or bract s; thin, dry unfertilised ovule s among the fully developed seeds of a fruit.

7. Claw
A narrow, stalk-like basal portion of a petal, sepal or bract .

8. Cone
In gymnosperm s and club mosses, a group of sporophyll s arranged compactly on a central axis; in the angiosperm family Casuarina, a woody multiple fruit incorporating the bract s and bracteoles associated with the flowers.

9. Cupule
A cuplike structure in plants (such as the little cup holding an acorn) which is made of hardened, joined bract s.

10. Cyathium
An inflorescence of unisexual flowers surrounded by inwardly-rolled bract s.

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